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Throughout Los Angeles, teeth whitening has become one of the most requested and fashionable dental procedures. With the advent of revolutionary at-home bleaching kits, you now have the opportunity to achieve superior results with a minimal investment of time. During your first in-office session, Dr Eduard Gutgarts will take an impression of your teeth in order to create a tray that will perfectly fit your mouth. On your next visit, she will provide you with a specially blended bleaching solution to be placed in the tray, which you will then take home and wear for a set amount of time. How long you wear the tray depends on the potency of the bleaching agent and the severity of your discoloration. The new bleaching gels need only be worn for 30 to 45 minutes per day. Because of its quick, dramatic results, at-home whitening has become one of the most popular procedures at our practice in Hollywood. To learn more about teeth whitening in the Los Angeles area, contact Dr Eduard Gutgarts today.

Dental bonding involves the placement of a strong tooth-colored resin material directly onto the tooth. This dental bonding material is completely pliable until exposed to a high-intensity ultraviolet light that causes it to harden. At this point, Dr. Eduard Gutgarts polishes and contours the tooth to match your surrounding teeth. The entire process can usually be completed in a single office visit. Although generally not as durable as veneers, the bonding material should maintain its integrity for years with proper care, and the process can be repeated when necessary. Most importantly, the immediate visual results are nothing short of spectacular. You will leave our Los Angeles office after the dental bonding procedure with healthier looking teeth and a radically brighter smile. To learn more about dental bonding in the Los Angeles area, contact Dr. Eduard Gutgarts today.

Crowns or caps are ideal for repairing and reinforcing badly damaged teeth. Made of strong porcelain, they are particularly recommended for patients with teeth that are cracked or badly decayed. By strengthening weak teeth, they can substantially reduce or eliminate pain, sensitivity, and difficulty with chewing and speaking. Dr. Eduard Gutgarts prides herself on her gentle touch in applying dental crowns, making the procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible for her patients. To learn more about dental crowns, contact our restorative dentistry office in Los Angeles.

One of the most misunderstood dental procedures, root canals are actually extremely safe and relatively painless. This restorative dentistry procedure is used to relieve the intense pain that occurs when the pulp that extends down into the root of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. In a root canal, the affected pulp is removed through a gap drilled into the crown of the tooth. The canal is then filled and permanently sealed with an artificial crown. The primary benefit of the root canal procedure is that it allows you to alleviate your pain while keeping your natural tooth.

If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap, thereby restoring both the form and function of your natural teeth. The bridge is an appliance that consists of an artificial tooth held together by two porcelain crowns. The bridge is custom-fabricated to fit in the gap left vacant by a missing tooth. Durable, comfortable, and virtually undetectable, dental bridges are both discreet and long-lasting. For more information on bridges, contact our restorative dentistry office in Los Angeles.

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