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Sofya R. Los Angeles, CA

I've been going to this dentist since I was a kid. He's kind, funny, and very reasonable. I have never felt scammed! I trust his judgment. He's honest and his recommendations are for the patient's good and not his own gain. For example, he was convinced I would need some fillings from how my molars looked, but after taking some x-rays he didn't see any actual damage to the tooth, just dark spots, and said he didn't think it was worth it to drill into an intact tooth! He sent me home and we will get it checked again at my next cleaning. I know there are dentists out there who would have definitely drilled. The staff is awesome too. Very friendly and very meticulous, detail-oriented, and good at what they do. The receptionist is really sweet, calls to remind about appointments, and remembers you personally! She knew Dr. Gutgarts referred me to get my wisdom teeth removed, and asked me if I had scheduled that appointment yet and encouraged me about the procedure. Overall, I love coming here and I highly recommend them!

Miss C. Los Angeles, CA

I went there for three times, and my worries are useless, all these three times nothing was undertaken xD you know why? I had little complaints about my fillings, crowns and overall enamel flaws, and every time I have a panic attack about some strange feeling I have if something develops (a dead root gives me pain or a crack) this doctor tells me the problem is not serious, he performs an x-ray of the tooth that bothers me and examines the area with a special magnifier. so far I trust him as he had decades of experience overseas, and I'm not a fan of modern technologies. he saved me so much money by not milking me with the unnecessary procedures. I've been with him for a year, and indeed, my problems are just a result of worrying, thanks god nothing jeopardizes my oral health to this point. it's pretty easy to make an appointment, it's usually a week of waiting from the day you call. the receptionist is a nice woman but once I cancelled the appointment half an hour before coming, she wasn't very pleased with it however, which is understandable, but made an appointment for next week. as far as I remember, I was charged for three appointments the following amounts: $55, $35, $25. I really don't know how he calculates it, but I had no dental insurance and these are the prices for the check-up and x-ray. he treats patients without insurance even cheaper than if you have one, for example a crown would cost $650 cash. the staff is kind and understanding, for example, I've a vomiting reflex if something touches the root of my tongue, and I warn them about it, and they let me handle the x-ray gadget myself, which I'm comfortable with. I highly recommend him and wish y'all strong teeth and healthy pink gums!

K. A. Los Angeles, CA

I've been coming here for 19 years. I've had the simplest treatments, such as cleaning and X-rays as well as very complex issues such as root canals and crowns. His work is excellent. I see some mention that English is not the first language, well, mine is and I have never had any problem understanding anyone. They all speak English fluently and the prices are very fair. I know as I have gone to other dentists to get 2nd opinions and quotes. For major work, I would always suggest this but if there's no time, I would trust him to treat you fairly. Appointments are easy enough to make and the receptionists are very nice. Most important is Dr. Gutgarts CLEARLY knows his stuff. I have never had any problems with any of the crowns or root canals done, and I have had quite a few. He doesn't do back molar root canals, with two roots but if needed, he has dentists he knows who do excellent work at fair prices and will refer you. I really can't say enough great things. I have gone into several dentist offices where I felt they were trying to rip me off, claiming I needed many fillings and root canals or wanting 3 times as much money. I found Dr. Gutgarts after a dentist told me I needed 7 crowns and 2 root canals. Luckily I got Gutgarts 2nd opinion because at that time, 19 years ago, he told me I did not need these things, just a cleaning! I didn't need crowns until my face got smashed in a car accident some years later. He fixed those teeth for me, and at much less than 3 other dentists quoted me. I highly recommend this office... I've also been to his sister's office when he's been on vacation. I had an emergency issue... she took me right away and.... she actually refused to charge me as I was her brother's patient! This is a great group of people who really care about their patients. I'm so happy to have found them.

Art B. Los Angeles, CA

Excellent dentist, very reasonable prices. Very accommodating and understanding about insurance and payment issues.

I've always wanted

"I've always wanted picture perfect teeth. Within three days, I had the smile that I wanted all my life. Dr. Eduard Gutgarts care and professional attention in his beautiful state-of-the-art office, gave me an exclusive look that was based on the cosmetics of my lip and jaw shape and my overall facial structure. My teeth are not only smiled perfect, but less prone to gum disease because of the perfect size, shape and fit of each individually sculpted porcelain crown. I will always be grateful to Dr. Eduard Gutgarts and his gracious professional staff.".

I was very impressed

"I was very impressed with all the high-tech equipment the moment I walked in. Dr. Eduard Gutgarts made me feel very at ease and worked with me to show what he could do for me. After just two appointments, my work was finished. I'm extremely pleased with the results and the after care as well."

How fortunate I was the

"How fortunate I was the Dr. Eduard Gutgarts was able to see me on an emergency basis. Since that day over five years ago, I have been a patient of Dr. Eduard Gutgarts. He provides excellent dental care. He keeps abreast of new methods and procedures in the practice of his profession so that he may offer the best to his patients. Both Dr. Eduard Gutgarts and his staff are to be commended for the excellent care they provide to their patients.".

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